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At Setup menu point C you can change the pulse with of the rudder servo channel. Usually servos use a pulse width of 1500 to 1520 µs to move to center position, 1000 µs to move to one side and 2000 µs to move to the other. In order to speed things up some engineers had the idea of reducing the pulse, so you can send more pulses and thus more control commands to the servos within a given time. Especially on the rudder this can be useful to increase gyro performance. So some manufacturers released special rudder gyro servos with a reduced pulse of 760µs (half of the usual pulse width). And then there were others that invented servos with center at 960µs which is not so common nowadays. No matter which servo you're using, with BEASTX you can use any of them.

Notes: As mentioned mostly all servos run at 1500 to 1520 µs. So please use 1520µs center pulse if you don't know the pulse of your servo. Also if your servos is rated 1500, use the 1520 setting. It doesn't matter, practically it's the same.
Usually the pulse width will be printed on the servo housing or the packaging, if it's a special 760µs servo or 960µs servo. Or it will say something like "Super Special Rudder Servo".

Xservo 980.png

Also you can find out pulse width easily by testing the different settings. A 1520µs servo will not run properly when using 760µs and vice versa. It will only run into one direction or it will not run at all and feel powerless.

Adjustment on the device

To select the rudder servo pulse width move the rudder stick repeatedly in one direction until the Status-LED lights in the correct color at SETUP MENU point C:

Status-LED Rudder servo pulse width
purple 760 µs
red 960 µs
blue 1500 / 1520 µs

Setup with StudioX app

Choose a preset pulse width by clicking one of the provided buttons for menu point C (Rudder pulse width) or set a custom frequency by directly changing the value with the dial or buttons.