SETUP MENU H - Servo directions

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At SETUP MENU point H we move the collective pitch on the radio and adjust the servo directions so that all servos are pushing the swashplate up and down together. The other conrtol functions are disabled here, as they are not of interest at this setup step! Then after adjusting servo directions, make sure that the pitch direction is correct! You can either change pitch direction by setting the servo directions correctly right from the beginning or by changing the direction of the pitch channel in the radio.

Please note: You can't reverse the servos with the servo reverse function of your transmitter! The transmitter only controls the functions of your BEASTX system. It doesn't move the servos directly! Thus, reversing a channel in the radio will only reverse the control function in total. It will not change directions of a single servo.

Adjustment on the device

By tapping the rudder stick you can select one servo after another at SETUP MENU point H. Every color of the Status-LED is corresponding to a specific servo channel. Also the selected servo will give by a brief up and down move. You can switch back and forth between the servos as often as you need. When you tap the roll/aileron stick once, the selected servo will reverse its direction.

Status-LED Servo reverse
purple CH1 – elevator/pitch servo
red CH2 – aileron/roll servo (1)
blue CH3 – aileron/roll servo (2)
red/blue CH6/CH7 – elevator/pitch servo (2) (if provided)

Setup with StudioX app

When the adjustment screen for servo directions appear, make sure the pitch is moving correctly as described above. Set servo directions for each servo by clicking the corresponding buttons as needed.

Basic setup servo trim.PNG