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The Parameter menu offers a variety of settings with which you can further improve the system performance and which allow you to adjust the flight characteristics of the helicopter to suit your personal preferences. Normally for the first flight you don‘t need to make any adjustments here. Only the control behavior (menu point B) and the stick deadband (menu point E) should be adapted under certain circumstances.

When MICROBEAST PLUS is ready for operation, hold down the button until the Menu-LED next to point A flashes quickly and release the button immediately. The flashing menu LED A shows that you've entered Parameter menu point A. Do not hold the button too long, as this will enter Setup menu!

Parametermenu open.png

To switch to the next Parameter menu point, just briefly press the button once again. After the last menu point (depending on the installed feature set this can be menu point H, K or M) pressing the button one more time exits the Parameter menu and MICROBEAST PLUS is ready for operation again (in this case the Status-LED will indicate the tail gyro mode and the LEDs A - N are off).


Single menu points can be skipped without performing any changes. Therefor don‘t move any stick while you are at the menu point you want to skip and just press the button (repeatedly) again, until you reach the menu point you want to adjust. Then again skip the following menu points (if there are any) by pressing the button, until the parameter menu level will be exited.

Warning.png Never fly while MICROBEAST PLUS is in Parameter menu! In this condition the gyro control and the stick controls are disabled.

Warning.png If there is no stick or button input for 4 minutes, while being in the Parameter menu, MICROBEAST PLUS will exit the menu automatically.